Prison Ministry

Prison Minister: Patricia Burt

September 2021 marked 25 years of this Prison Ministry!! We have reached 1000's of inmates mostly in Texas but a few from other states as well. These inmates are not judged by color, race, religion, backgrounds or their crimes. I write to them along with the Bibles studies sent. Some do not want to do formal studies but rather discussion on the Bible. Either one is fine with me. I do not visit the actual prisons as they are so widespread. I have found the letters are very important to them as their families don't or can't visit. They don't get letters either for the most part. Also they can discuss what they have questions or comments on their Bible study. Inmates are very hungry for the Word of God. It is amazing to see the changes or rather read the changes in them over time. God is definitely at work. 

  June 2022  
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